Retirement Calculator Features

The Most Detailed Retirement Software on the Web
  • Computes Assets Remaining
  • Aged-Based Social Security
  • SS Break-Even Points
  • Monthly Expense Calculation
  • Asset Coalescing
  • Defined Pension Plans
  • Contributory Pension Plans
  • Single/Joint Planning

Retirement Calculator Overview

The Retirement Calculator is a first-of-its-kind software tool that provides a detailed mechanism for determining the optimal age for Retirement, and also for evaluating how long your retirement funds will last. The vast majority of Americans today no longer have defined pension plans at their place of employment, as most of these types of plans have been surplanted by 401K, 403B, 457, IRA, and SEP plans. As such, it has become increasingly difficult for people to gauge how much money they will need for retirement, and to determine how long these types of contributory account plans will last. This is where the Retirement Calculator comes into play. The Retirement Calculator is a comprehensive software platform that looks at many factors in determining an optimal retirement age.

Retirement Calculator Detailed Product Features

Feature Included
Updated for the 2024 tax year
Determines Assets remaining on a year-by-year basis, both pre- and post-retirement
Calculates Social Security Benefits from age 62 to Age 70 (& beyond)
Determines cumulative Social Security benefits, on year-by-year basis, based on benefit age
Determines break-even point for taking Social Security at different ages
Accounts for Social Security Spousal Benefit calculations
Allows for Social Security to be Deferred beyond Retirement Age
Provides tools for calculating current monthly expenses and projected expenses
Provides tool for coalescing all current assets
Takes into account current income prior to retirement age
Accounts for current 401K, 403B, & 457/IRA/SEP contributions prior to retirement
Uses traditional defined pension plan amounts
Accounts for post-retirement income and its tax consequences
Handles appropriate taxation of post-retirement withdrawal of taxable retirement plans
Handles Roth IRA's
Allows pensions to be optionally indexed by inflation
Allows Tax Filing Status to be used in calculating Social Security tax liability
Allows a variable annual inflation rate to be applied to monthly expenses & income sources
Allow a variable annual investment return to be applied to Assets Remaining
Allows a variable tax rate to be applied to Social Security & all income and taxable retirement sources
Distinction between Pre-Retirement and Retirement Tax Rates
Handles Single retirement planning or joint retirement planning
Allows for selection of arbitrary retirement ages to determine effects on Assets Remaining
Alerts you as to what year your Assets Remaining will run out
Graphs Assets Remaining year-to-year
Provides retirement summary and detail field breakdowns
Provides contextual application help for all software fields
Provides detailed Users and Installation manual
Provides many assumption and reference details for further information
And much, much more


Some Sample Retirement Calculator Screens